Write a shopping list with your “wrong” hand

From a very young age we learn to write with our strong hand. And we do so for the entirety of our life. But what’s it like to write with the other hand. It’s always there, and seldom used. So here’s my effort at writing with my weaker, right hand.


What surprised me most was the level of concentration I had to give to this relatively simple task. It took me about 7 minutes to write this list, much, much longer than normal. The “s” was tricky, and my hand ached by the time I got to “gum”, particularly my little finger.

What is scary – probably due to the huge amount of concentration – it is neater and more legible than my strong, left-hand writing! I always hated when writing with my left hand that the ink smudges, and during school my hand was covered in ink. Not so with this, as the leading hand glides over ink-less paper!

I just found these articles about learning to use your non-dominant hand. Apparently it engages the brain, creating new neurological connections and makes you more creative!

How to write with your left hand (if right handed)

Benefits of using your opposite hand – Grow brain cells while brushing your teeth

“The non-dominant hand is actually linked to the non-dominant hemisphere in your brain – the one that isn’t exercised as often. There are studies that show that when you use your dominant hand, one hemisphere of the brain is active. When you use the non-dominant hand, both hemispheres are activated, which may result in thinking differently and becoming more creative.”

Go on, try it yourself! Post your photos and comments to the Wobble a Jelly Facebook page.

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3 thoughts on “Write a shopping list with your “wrong” hand

  1. Cedric

    Hi Dom,

    Interesting, I will try kicking with my left foot to see if I can be more acurate…
    More seriously, I will try it.


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