Pick up an earthworm

I am ok with spiders, daddy long legs and centipedes.

Fish, lobsters, crabs revolt me.

Worms, slugs and snails are somewhere inbetween. In my garden compost, whenever I dispatch my latest peelings, cut grass and egg shells, a multitude of worms drop down from the black lid. My first instinct is a squirm and my stomach turns a little. When my eldest boy became inquisitive I kept telling him there’s nothing to worry about, they aren’t scary and to “look how small they are”. Time to take my own advice and get over my mini-fear of them.

The worm I chose was fairly flat and plump. It was cool to the touch and a little bit slimy. I could see the cast inside and one end (possibly the head) began rising, as if sniffing the air. The middle contracted and the sensation on my skin was like when my eldest would spit out a piece of food he didn’t like.

Like the first time I touched the skin of a snake, it was all rather disappointing and really nothing to worry about!


Here are 5 interesting facts I have since found out about the common worm:

  1. Charles Darwin spent 40 years studying earthworms. It only took him 3 years to write the Origin of the Species.
  2. They have 5 hearts, to help pump their white blood around their body.
  3. They never over-populate. They breed only when there is enough food to go around. Something us humans should take note of.
  4. They are asexual, which means they have both male and female reproductive organs. 
  5. As they travel through soil, the tunnels they create allows air and water to flow to lower parts of the ground.

Go on, try it yourself! Post your photos and comments to the Wobble a Jelly Facebook page.

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