Email-free Friday

Today at work we tried something amazing. Our team are bogged down in emails, and we constantly complain at the volume of emails we get. We are tied to our desks and its not great interpersonal skills.

So we decided to do something different: for one day we wouldn’t send emails to each other. Instead we would pick up the phone, or actually, shock horror, get up and speak to each other!!

Now, in this modern world of emails, we had to limit it to internal emails. Of course, we’d have to check externals. The world would stop if we didn’t!

So this morning we tried it. And it was fantastic! The work load dropped and it was quite refreshing talking to people, rather than sending a one line email. I do think the cost of the phone calls outweigh the cost of the emails though!!

The funniest part of the day of course was at the beginning, when we couldn’t help ourselves by sending a few “reply all”s confirming whether it was indeed email-free Friday today! Haven’t laughed so much in ages!

Try it yourself and see how you get on! Let me know @jelly_wobbler

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2 thoughts on “Email-free Friday

  1. Is this going to be an ongoing practice at your office? How was morale and the energy in the office only doing personal communication?

    • Yes, we will try to do it monthly. It was a lot of fun, and the energy was great (particularly at the start of the day to kick it all off). It was great to be more personable with people, even though time wasn’t as efficient (it is far quicker, and less obtrusive, to write an email than pop round or phone someone).

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