Read a magazine you’ve never read before – Vogue

I had always heard of the magazine Vogue – it’s one of the most famous glossy magazines in the world. It’s even a Madonna song! Working in marketing I know about it but you know, I’ve never actually look inside it. What is the famous magazine like and would i find any of it interesting?

Vogue magazine - 85% adverts

Vogue magazine Spetember 2013 issue – 85% adverts

What struck me was the amount of ADVERTS in it! Blimey, there are hundreds. In fact the contents page isn’t until page 45. And then there were a further 10 pages of averts before page 2 of the contents! I was flicking and flicking through mountains of adverts. I appreciate that the target market like to see what the big fashion names are up to, but really – do they buy the magazines for the adverts. I found it startling the number of ads for a £3.99 title. So I did some counting.

Of the 442 pages, there were:

  • 247 pages of paid for advertising (56%)
  • 128 of advertorials/product placement (29%)
  • 66 pages of content (15%)

For £3.99, 85% of the magazine you buy are adverts. What other media does that? UK commercial television stations are allowed to have 12 minutes of advertisements in an hour (20%) – up to 30% of adverts and promos for US shows as they are 42 minutes long. I did a rough count up of the free Metro newspaper – almost 50% was advertisements. With the rate card for full page colour ad in Vogue starting from £25,000 (outside back cover £41k) it really bothers me that there are so many adverts! They obviously get away with it as 146,000 people “actively purchase” it every month.

And what of the editorial. I eventually came to the first serious article on page 338 titled “What fur?”, an investigation into the “moral maze” of wearing it by the deputy editor. Moral maze it isn’t. Investigative it isn’t. The article is so pro-fur it’s unreal – you wouldn’t put “[Christopher Kane] matched camo-print biker jackets and thick wool coats with sumptuous fur lapels” (my italics) if it was balanced. Or quotes a marketing director of a fur company “”Only vegans stand on solid moral ground: “Their argument is clear” [Ditte Sorknaes – “mother-of-two and avid cake-baker”] states levelly. “My best friend is a vegan and works with Peta. She’s visited our mink farms and I completely respect her position. But when you’re at a fortieth birthday party and someone says, You’re a murderer!’ and they’re eating a steak and wearing leather shoes…” She shrugs”. I can just see readers of Vogue nodding their heads, yeah! Nothing wrong with fur!

Fur article Vogue magazine September 2013

So pro-fur I felt sorry for the little bunny pictured here.

What I found particularly amusing was the article was then interrupted by 55 pages – yes 55 pages – before concluding. Hopefully readers had already made up their minds (or bored) to keep the mink in the wardrobe before the bombshell was delivered: “At death [foxes] are electrocuted – “They bite down on a stick,” says Knud [owners of a fox abattoir], matter-of-factly. “It’s instantaneous, I promise you…”. Before the writer reassures us “So we are clear, stunning with electrocution is the common method used in abattoirs”. Phew!

So this wobble jelly really irked me (much like reading the Daily Mail!). Glad I flicked through it although doubt I’ll be doing it again.

Read a magazine you’ve never read before and you might be surprised as to what other people are influenced by. Let me know how you get on by tweeting me @jelly_wobbler or on the Wobble a Jelly Facebook page.

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