Biscuits inside cake – ginger nuts

I had a suggestion to try a ginger nut biscuit inside a cake. Ginger nuts being more robust and strong wont wilt under the pressure of being sandwiched inside the cake batter. So here we go!

ginger nuts within cake

Into the batter they go

Before the taste test, the look test. As you can see from the below photo the ginger nut inside the cake looks striking. It cuts through the cake and looks solid, holding it’s own against a tide of batter.

ginger nuts in biscuits

Wow – look at that ginger nut slicing through the cake

And taste? Well, you could certainly taste the ginger, and the biscuit has lost it’s teeth-shattering hardness – leaving a soft pasty-cum-gooey texture. The sprinkling of ginger nut crumbs on the top was supposed to bring back a little bit of crunch.

biscuits inside cake ginger nut

Check me out with the icing!


Put a ginger nut (or any biscuit for that matter) into a cake and tell me all about it @jelly_wobbler.

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3 thoughts on “Biscuits inside cake – ginger nuts

  1. I tasted this cake and can confirm its gingeriness but I did find it rather dry. Didn’t have an iced one though! How about white ginger icing which a sice of stem ginger on the top?

  2. with, not which, sorry!

  3. Mum

    I think this is the best looking one you’ve done so perhaps it’s worth experimenting a little more.

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