Eat lunch 100 foot in the air – #BABeachside

Whilst this isn’t technically a jelly wobble, it is trying something different, and really, really, really cool.

British Airways Dine in the Sky.jpg

Panoramic view of the British Airways Dine in the Sky – 100 feet over Brighton

I have been in Brighton for work. In some downtime I was flicking through my Facebook. A post came up promoting a British Airways promotion that was taking place in Brighton. So I had a wander down the seafront to find it.

As we neared, a British Airways steward approached us and gave us a stick of blue, red and white rock, with their strapline “To fly, to serve” running through it. On the outside was a sticker, and if you peeled it there could be a prize within. My rock simply allowed me access into their “lounge” for some champers, but my wife won two “flights” to dine in the sky.

Looming over the lounge was a huge crane, and on the end was a platform, table and chairs hanging around it. The prize was to go up on the crane and eat lunch 100 foot in the air. Cool or what!

So we waited our turn and along with 20 other passengers and we were seated, strapped in and hoisted 100 feet into the air where we were served chicken on a bed of risotto, along with some wine, and  fantastic views of Brighton.

The experience lasted around 30 minutes, and we were turned around so that we got to see the 360 degree views of Brighton. Looking down, I spotted a silhouette of a person against the green water swimming in the sea. The excellent staff were entertaining and incredibly friendly, particularly to my anxious wife. It was an exhilarating experience, and so glad we wandered down to take a look.


Photos from the British Airways Dine in the Sky promotion in Brighton #BABeachside

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