Biscuits inside cakes – mint Viscount

The most popular biscuit recommendation by far has been the mint viscount. A stalwart of the biscuit choice – traditional, simple and refreshing – the viscount has it all including foil which, like Elizabeth Shaws, you can play with, fold and mould long after the biscuit settles in your stomach.

Viscount biscuits inside the batter

I was looking forward to having a flash of mint in the cake so soon after the cupcake was out of the oven I couldn’t wait to taste it. The biscuit stood firm and there was still a hard crunch. And the mint was just as powerful as normal. My wife really enjoyed the taste, although said the biscuit made the cake a bit dry. Still, you knew what was in it, so a successful bake!

The Viscount biscuits held firm in the cake

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