Do something different – Make origami

I always thought that origami is immensely fiddly. With my patience scale on the lower end of the scale, I couldn’t think of anything worse than trying to fiddle with bits of folding paper to make something that faintly resembles something that looks familiar (the only thing worse on my patience scale is perhaps a round of golf).

So in an effort to try something different and in the spirit of this blog, I had a go at doing some origami.  I had visions of screwing up or tearing up paper in a tantrum on step 139 when the elephant started to resemble a non-rising yorkshire pudding.

I did a quick Google (is Google anything but quick?) and found this site, which looked to make origami simple by having step-by-step instructions. OK, I’ll give the cat a go, it looks quite cute.

Right. Set myself up on the table, got the instructions, lets go. “Origami Cat step 1. Start with a 6 inch x 6 inch square origami paper color side down.” Er, origami paper? What is that? You have to have special paper for origami? Wont printer paper do? Damn it! I imagine it is slightly thicker paper than printer paper. Yikes, need to raid the 5 year old’s arts and crafts drawer. Hold a minute – color side down? Oh jeez. Looking through every single one of his messy drawers, there was not one bit of paper that had different colour paper on either side – except a bit of crumpled wrapping paper and I’m pretty sure the Origami police will crack down on me for using that.

So I looked around the house and managed to find some of my wife’s advertising leaflets. Pink on one side, white on the other. These would have to do. OK, 6 inches by 6 inches. Oh bloody hell. A5 is a few millimeters shy of 6 inches. Have to go metric on this one and go with centimeters – it’ll have to do.

Right, so I was off. Steps 1-7 were easy-peasy. At the end of step 7 I had a good looking cat’s head. The body was slightly trickier, with the instructions not being entirely clear on step 13 and took a few goes at getting it right (looking down at the comments I wasn’t the only one getting stuck on step 13). And voila. A small and perfectly formed cat!

An origami cat with a Facebook logo beauty spot

An origami cat with a Facebook logo beauty spot

It took me 9 minutes to make the cat. It actually took me longer to find the piece of paper than it did to fold the damn thing! The instructions were pretty good, and I actually found it quite therapeutic. Seeing the paper coming together to make a recognisable shape was really satisfying, and I felt quite child-like putting the head on to the body for the finished article. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I made another one!

My origami cat has a multi-cultural friend

My origami cat has a multi-cultural friend

If you have any ideas for me to try something different, tweet me @jelly_wobbler or visit the Facebook page.

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Draw with both hands at the same time

This great suggestion came from Carolyn Black @FlowContempArts after reading my first blog about writing with my wrong hand.

I’m not a great drawer. In fact, my four year old’s drawing are my artistic than mine. So imagine what I thought a drawing with my wrong hand would look like! So I decided to keep it simple. I went for an image with curved lines with my stronger left hand and an image with straight lines for my weaker right hand – in an effort to really make my brain think differently, as my initial thoughts were that one hand would try to copy the other. I tried to maintain this thought throughout the exercise, so when my left hand was drawing a horizontal line, my right would do a vertical.

Drawing with both hands at the same time

Before you ask, my wife took this picture.

It was incredibly difficult to make sure both were what I wanted them to look like. My eyes were flitting across to each drawing. However, it was the right hand (weaker) drawing that suffered. The picture with my right hand was wobbly and skewed, whereas the left looked confident and assured. The pencil lines were harder, darker, dominant.


Drawing with weaker right hand at top, drawing with strong left hand at the bottom (Van Gogh can rest easy)

To test what effect drawing with both hands at the same time had on my right hand, I decided to draw the same picture again, only using my weaker right hand, but this time without a distraction. As you can see from the below image it is much more stable, larger and defined.


Comparing drawings made with my right hand (top one when I was drawing with my left hand at the same time, bottom one focusing only on my right hand)

Go on, try it yourself! Post your photos and comments to the Wobble a Jelly Facebook page.

Remember, you can tweet me suggestions @jelly_wobbler

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