Things that have inspired me

This will be a growing list of things I have seen or heard which promote small changes.


Tim Smit’s 9 principles of management at the Eden Project:

1) You cannot start your workday before saying “hello” to 20 other people
2) Intentionally read books (I can’t remember how many) that will spark new ideas that you normally would not read
3) ..and plays
4) …and movies
5) …and concerts (for rules 2-5 I lost track of how many…the point was intentionally seeking out new ideas and inspiration)
6) Once a year, stand up and “explain why you love to work for Eden” (said tongue-in-cheek, and explained as “if you have to do this, I believe that you’ll deal with all the reasons you don’t love Eden before giving your talk”)
7) Eden’s top 80 team members must all do something unspeakably nice (a “guerilla act of generosity”) for other people at Eden at least once a year
8) At least once a year, each employee must prepare a meal for the 40 people who make it better for him/her to come to work (apparently modified slightly in recent years given a distribution of cooking capabilities)
9) All 700 employees of Eden must learn to play Samba drums together. Seriously. And they perform. (70 drum captains, teams of 10)

* Source: Sasha Dichter



Sticky Wisdom by ?WhatIf!

The wonderfully inspiring book Sticky Wisdom talks about Freshness as a motivator and change agent for creativity. Essentially Freshness is about injecting a new behaviour or way of thinking into our normal routines to release us from our past experiences and the-way-we-do-things-around-here. It states: “It seems obvious that we are much more likely to produce a new connection if we open up a new way of thinking”.

In the book, there is a small section about pattern breaking. Do something slightly different to what you normally do. “It involves going out of your way (and out of your comfort zone) to experience new things ….. to see the world from different perspectives. It involves making a deliberate break with your usual pattern of life”.


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