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Skip with a Skipping Rope

Here’s another task I haven’t done since school – probably primary school. It is the favoured training regime of a boxer – not a training session PR stunt of a boxer about to fight for a title belt goes without the hero skipping on a gym rope. So how hard can it be? I remember at school it was easy.

I went for the two-feet-in-the-air-at-the-same-time technique (as opposed to the less-than-flattering-skipping-whilst-running technique). And boy was it hard! I couldn’t last more than three minutes. My less than flat stomach wobbled about, and after the embarrassment my abs were screaming. I was short of breath and my lungs were tight. My 4 3/4 year old laughed to see such fun. I didn’t remember it being this hard at school!

According to this website on the health benefits of skipping, the effort it takes to jump rope for 10 minutes is the equivalent of running a mile in eight minutes!


A not-very-flattering photo of me skipping

A new found respect for people who can skip. But especially for those who can do these….

Cool skipping  -video of some young types doing some freestyle skipping tricks.

A dog skipping. Yes, a dog!

And if you don’t have a skipping rope… use a nearby person instead.

Why not join a club. Have a look at the British Rope Skipping Association, under Affliated Clubs.


Go on, try it yourself! Post your photos and comments to the Wobble a Jelly Facebook page.

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