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Daily Detox Soup – Broccoli and Celery soup

My wife made the soup tonight. It’s not a combination I would have put together (and would probably eat again) but nevertheless it was edible and fairly tasty.

My detox plan is going well. A fruit smootie in the morning, a big lunch (today was cous cous and lamb meatballs) and soup for dinner. I had a slice of birthday cake in the office but that was it (which is amazing by my standards and judging by the amount of left-over chocolate from Christmas!).

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Tell us what’s in the wrapper Cadbury’s Roses and Nestle’s Quality Street!!

This isn’t so much doing something different for me, but rather a message to Cadbury’s and Nestle to do something different. Or rather a rant.

It’s that time of year when we crack open a tin of Roses and Quality Street, peer inside and see all the wonderful array of colours and shimmering wrappers. They look gorgeous and inviting. There is however a confliction – chocolate heaven balanced with a Russian Roulette of what you’re going to get. The multitudes of flavours jostle with other, each one shouting “pick me”. But with specific likes and dislikes (and a nut allergy) I want to cherry-pick my favourites, and leave the ones that will kill me alone.

And it’s confusing. Does the purple one have nuts? Is the green one fudge? is the orange one the orange crunch or the toffee deluxe? Sure, there’s the little card which is somewhat annoying that you have to keep referring and referencing back to it.  Cadbury’s Roses have started to write on the wrappers the allergy information. Contains Soya, or nuts. Well, here’s an idea:


How simple would that be? When you pick up a sweet you will know INSTANTLY if it’s coffee or toffee. There would be no more disappointment. We could eat a chocolate without fear of finding a fudge. You’ll save loads of money not having to design, print and pack those losable reference cards. In fact, whilst you’ll at it, can you two big companies speak to each and agree on a colour for each flavour – green = fudge, purple = nuts etc.That would help enormously!

Come on Cadbury’s and Nestle – make our Christmases just a little less stressful. :0)

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