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Put vegetables inside cakes – pumpkin pie for Halloween

I’ve never really understood why people continue to put vegetables into desserts. Why spoil a cake by putting carrots and raisins in it when there is an abundance of chocolate in the world? I don’t think I’ve ever chosen a dessert that had a vegetable in it, which is why, faced with a soon-to-be-carved pumpkin for Hallowe’en, I thought I’d try something different and make pumpkin pie.

I followed the BBC Good Food recipe and all was well. The sieving of the pumpkin was hard work, and after all the effort I probably had about two tablespoons of orangery gloop, which seemed more effort than it’s worth – I hope that the pie had some pumpkin taste to it.

The taste was quite unexpected. The nutmeg was strong and the texture was mousse-like – not quite firm but nowhere near liquid. I can’t say I’m in love with it, and I always look forward to the pastry. I shall of course be hovering it up – unless my wife gets there first!

In the 40 minutes it takes to bake, I made some pumpkin biscuits to go with them. Round cutters and orange icing that my five year old helped to make and ice. Unfortunately,I hadn’t thought in advance and I couldn’t think of anything suitable to hand to put the cackling features of the pumpkin’s face on. So they are just round biscuits, with orange icing, next to a pumpkin and a pumpkin pie and before you comment we are carving the pumpkin tomorrow – we couldn’t wait to try the pie!).

Pumpkin, pumpkin pie, and halloween biscuits

The Great British Bake Off has nothing to worry about


Did you do anything different this Halloween? I’d love to hear. Tweet me @jelly_wobbler

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Bake an unusual cake – biscuits inside cakes!

This week I tweeted a picture of cakes that I had made that had biscuits hidden inside them.


Jammy dodger biscuits inside cake. Also with an Oreo inside a chocolate cupcake

At work, when it’s your birthday, we are meant to bring in a cake for everyone to share. As you know I try to do something different so thought this would be fun to try.

It’s very simple. A small layer of cake batter in the bottom, plonk a biscuit on top then cover it with more cake batter.


Biscuits inside cakes. a layer of cake mixture, plonk a jammy dodger in top then cover with cake. A jammy dodger surprise!

The result is that the biscuit is hidden inside the cake. You can’t tell its there until you’ve sunk your teeth in! It’s a surprise biscuit cake!!


The jammy dodger one was fantastic. The biscuit is not crunchy but when you hit the jam its undeniably a jammy dodger. I tried a bit of jam and butter icing on top but it was a bit too sweet, and a bit too much.

They went down a treat at work and we started riffing on what other biscuits could go into cakes. In fact, I will make this a feature on my blog. So look out for more biscuits hidden inside cakes coming soon!!

Why not suggest some biscuits for me to put into a cake on my Wobble a Jelly Facebook page.

Remember you can tweet me at @jelly_wobbler.

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