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Daily detox soup – roasted garlic and aubergine (eggplant) soup

The thing I find about diet regimes and loosing weight (not just me but friends and family) is that are short-termism. One generally binge-diets, goes back to their usual ways and then goes back on another fad diet. My Daily Detox is no exception. I know I can’t sustain it but I’m trying to change my lifestyle and habits just a little bit. In the long run I do hope to change some habits – for example cutting down on my sugar intake, drinking more water but also having a large lunch and a smaller dinner (it has always been the opposite). It makes sense: I can burn off the larger lunch but a large dinner sits on my middle during a relatively inactive sleep.

So my trial on losing a bit of weight and being healthier is not about cutting out things completely. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Years ago I cut out chocolate, cake and biscuit completely for one month, and on the first day “off” I gobbled a whole box of Fingers in one go. What was the point in that?! By cutting out the things you like is no fun – you only live once – so I am having a few treats. I summarise that in the last three weeks I have probably eaten about 20-25% of what I usually eat sugar-wise. That is to be celebrated – more cake please!! Pizza, croissant, cake: as long as I am conscious, sensible and responsible it’s ok to have these things in moderation. Dieting is not about abstinence, it is about making better choices.

Today’s soup is quite ambitious by my standards. I was looking for a different vegetable to use when I was browsing the supermarket shelf and saw an aubergine. Intrigued, I did a quick search for soups with aubergine in and came across this recipe. It seemed pretty simple, just an age to make. Perfect for a lazy Saturday!

Once the garlic and aubergine had been roasted, the recipe said to peel them both. The skin came off like a dream! Really easy!

Roasted garlic and aubergine (eggplant)

Roasted garlic and aubergine (eggplant)

Then it was the usual onions and stock, with some tomato purée and, 40 minutes later a great smelling soup. We don’t have half-and-half in the UK so some whole milk did the trick to add a bit if cream. And it was delicious! The garlic was so subtle it was perfect. Definitely trying this one again!

Roasted garlic and eggplant soup

Roasted garlic and aubergine soup

If you have a soup I can try, tweet me @jelly_wobbler.

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Biscuits inside cakes – mint Viscount

The most popular biscuit recommendation by far has been the mint viscount. A stalwart of the biscuit choice – traditional, simple and refreshing – the viscount has it all including foil which, like Elizabeth Shaws, you can play with, fold and mould long after the biscuit settles in your stomach.

Viscount biscuits inside the batter

I was looking forward to having a flash of mint in the cake so soon after the cupcake was out of the oven I couldn’t wait to taste it. The biscuit stood firm and there was still a hard crunch. And the mint was just as powerful as normal. My wife really enjoyed the taste, although said the biscuit made the cake a bit dry. Still, you knew what was in it, so a successful bake!

The Viscount biscuits held firm in the cake

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Biscuits INSIDE Cakes – P.p.p.p.p pick up a Penguin

The next in the series of biscuits inside cakes is the perennial favourite of every child in the UK – the Penguin!

The first attempt I dropped the chocolate biscuit into the top of the cake, hoping the chocolate will ooze down into the batter, leaving an exposed crunchy biscuit.


Penguins about to get burnt

After about 15 minutes in the oven I could smell burning sugar. Checked inside and the top of the penguin was starting to burn. I decided to put it in for a couple more minutes just so the cake batter would cook some more. The end result was a slightly burned penguin at the top by a really delicious cake!


Burnt penguins

I decided to try it again, this time submerging the broken-in-half penguin into the cake, so the batter surrounded it. Much like the Jammy Dodger and Oreo from a previous blog.

Penguins about to get covered in cake batter

Penguins about to get covered in cake batter

Penguins hiding in cake batter.

(Small) Penguins hiding in cake batter.

Once out of the oven, and cooled down, came the taste test. And a bit of a disappointment. Whilst the biscuit wasn’t crunchy, the main thing was that you couldn’t taste that it was a Penguin. In fact it tasted like there was no biscuit at all! Perhaps using chocolate cake with a chocolate biscuit does not work. A learning for the next one.

Biscuit inside cake fail!

The Penguins lacked crunch and any flavour

The Penguins lacked crunch and any flavour

Keep those suggestions coming to @jelly_wobbler. Next time I will bake a biscuit inside a cake that a few of you have suggested. Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog post.

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