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Biscuits inside cakes – pink wafer

Pink wafers are one of my favourite biscuit snacks. Are they a biscuit? Who cares if they are merely a biscuit substitute. I could eat a whole pack in one go. Someone suggested they go into the “biscuit inside cakes” blog so in they go. I was slightly apprehensive that they would stay in tact, as they are quite flimsy, but if they did they would look fantastic. So, lets try something different and put a pink wafer in a cake!


Pink wafers in the cake batter

As you can see from the below photo, the wafer stayed in tact and the pink ribbon looks fantastic in the yellow batter. 


Pink wafer inside a cake – looks good, doesn’t taste good.

Unfortunately the taste wasn’t great. You could tell that their was a pink wafer inside – which is better than some of the other biscuit attempts – but it wasn’t a good texture and felt like it had hardened inside. So it felt a bit like having a soft stone in the middle. Still, it looked impressive, which is half the fun of eating cupcakes!

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