Why am I wobbling jellies?

One day, bored of eating the same kinds of meals, I decided to choose something off the menu that I would never normally choose, or something that we would never have at home. Pumpkin risotto! Pig cheek! Gnocchi! A small step but was quite revolutionary in my usually-bland culinary tastes.

This small thing gave me inspiration to do other things differently in my life.  I work in a very busy, highly creative industry. As marketers we are expected to deliver new things, come up with creative ideas and think outside the proverbial box. It is not easy. The cliché of staring at a blank piece of paper, ready to begin, is prevalent not just in business but in our personal lives too.

We are inherently locked in cycle of past experience and safety. The comfort zone is the status quo. To go beyond the status quo, and find a different perspective, is a hard leap to make.

Everyone is creative. Everyone. Sometimes people need a little help to express their ideas. Sometimes people need to rid the fear of failure. Sometimes people need a trigger to think differently.

And this is what I am trying to do. Not change my life completely. Just do small things differently to break a pattern.

A jelly is static, the status quo. Poke it, wobble it, and it changes its state a little bit. Just enough to make it alter.

So, join me as I wobble some jellies.

Dominic Wong, April 2013

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