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Daily detox soup – squash and cauliflower soup

Here’s a soup I never thought I’d eat squash and cauliflower soup (unless of course someone ordered it for me in the restaurant game!). My wife was making Weight Watcher’s no-point vegetable curry and she had gone to the trouble of chopping up all the ingredients. Now, you know when you cook something you like, and then it have it lots and lots of times, until you get sick of it. Well, that’s where I was with Weight Watcher’s no-point vegetable curry. So with my latest daily detox soup jelly wobble, she gave me my share of veggies and make a soup for me.

And in the spirit of this blog, I gave it a go! Very thick soup and, to be honest, couldn’t really taste the cauliflower (a good thing). And of course I felt very healthy and satisfied.

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Biscuits inside cakes – pink wafer

Pink wafers are one of my favourite biscuit snacks. Are they a biscuit? Who cares if they are merely a biscuit substitute. I could eat a whole pack in one go. Someone suggested they go into the “biscuit inside cakes” blog so in they go. I was slightly apprehensive that they would stay in tact, as they are quite flimsy, but if they did they would look fantastic. So, lets try something different and put a pink wafer in a cake!


Pink wafers in the cake batter

As you can see from the below photo, the wafer stayed in tact and the pink ribbon looks fantastic in the yellow batter. 


Pink wafer inside a cake – looks good, doesn’t taste good.

Unfortunately the taste wasn’t great. You could tell that their was a pink wafer inside – which is better than some of the other biscuit attempts – but it wasn’t a good texture and felt like it had hardened inside. So it felt a bit like having a soft stone in the middle. Still, it looked impressive, which is half the fun of eating cupcakes!

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Let someone else choose your meal at a restaurant

In my why section, I explain that the inspiration for this blog started as a result of choosing something different off of a menu. It forced me to try something I’d never normally try.

I still felt I was veering towards food I would like, so at a meal with some work colleagues, I decided to try something really different.

We played a game where you choose the meal for the person to your left. And so on round the table.

We briefed the waiter so that he would not repeat the order back so that we only knew what we were having when it arrived at the table. It was really quite exciting – not knowing what someone would order for you, and equally what the other person would think of the meal you’ve just chosen for them. It’s quite a conversation-starter.

I have played The Game know a couple of times – Paella (thanks Marcus!) and Pork Chop (thanks Craig!). Two things I probably would never have ordered, and was a nice change to the norm. I would say the food tasted nicer knowing the excitement and conversation it generated before the even came out.

Just be careful, it could go wrong. I ordered Bone Marrow for my colleague and didn’t go down well. And you may get something completely unusual….. Fried chicken and waffle anyone?!


Go on, play The Game yourself! Post your photos and comments to the Wobble a Jelly Facebook page.

Remember, you can tweet me suggestions @jelly_wobbler

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